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Meet Robin

Hello, I am Robin Wong.

I would like to invite you to go through with me a self-discovery journey towards your personal success.

What is your definition of success?

Have you ever pondered seriously about this question? My personal experience tells me that people who are really happy, successful and living a meaningful life are always very clear about what they want. It is through this clarity that they will stay committed and hungry in achieving their dreams.

I have given a lot of efforts into writing these articles which I believe will benefit you who have a strong desire to improve your quality of life.

This website is for likeminded people who want to become “The Best Version Of Yourself” and have the willingness to put in the hard work.

Here, I will share with you many of the techniques and principles of highly successful people, which I have applied through trials and errors to be able to confidently say that YOU can do it and BE SUCCESSFUL too.

All you need is to embrace the information, spend quality time for personal reflection and make a commitment to make it happen.

My desire is to see everyone, who takes the effort, finds a way to their SUCCESS.

However, achieving a specific outcome or financial independence should not be an end in itself. The true satisfaction must be “What you have become and learnt through this challenging journey”

If you feel my message strikes a chord, please continue to explore the content of this website.

My corporate career

  • The Hong Kong Productivity Council as Management Consultant
  • PA Consulting Ltd. as Group Manager for the management consulting and executive search functions.
  • American Express International Regional VP - North Asia for Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines.
  • The Management Development Centre of Hong Kong as Centre Director
  • Lark International Ltd. as CEO responsible for six businesses including entertainment, apparel, restaurants, dairy, trading and property investment


MSc in Industrial Management from Birmingham University, UK.

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